Surveys and internal technical office

Our technical department gets to work after a site inspection. We go to the construction site to get all the information we need to complete the work excellently and smoothly throughout. These steps provide us with a clear idea of the available spaces, also during the delivery and erection phases.

Execution simulation

We examine everything in detail, leaving nothing to chance. Our task and business goal is to complete a high-quality job endowed with aesthetic and functional value. We start with the existing context to give shape to the wishes of the architect who contacts us or the client who specifically wants to contract the job to us. To do this, we take the time to ask questions, to understand the project's feasibility criteria and to gather as many elements as possible to bring the project to fruition.

Site surveys

We measure the spaces and take note of existing obstacles. We observe the origin of natural light and the formation of shadows throughout the day. We assess the designs as a whole in the surrounding environment and with the planned decor. Thanks to our sensitivity and experience, we can imagine in advance what the spaces will look like.

Scans with Leica BLK 360 3D Scanner

We are equipped with 3D scanner technology to create a highly accurate virtual copy of your working environment. This equipment not only simulates space layout, but also manages colours and shades, unusual geometric shapes and even surface types.


We transpose the architectural project through a rendering to have its simulation on easy-to-use drawings. This enables the client to have a realistic idea of the final result, and allows us to work independently and safely during the execution phase.

Our working method


Two-dimensional simulation of the finished project

We photograph marble slabs and tiles having all types of natural texture so that the customer can recognise them in the final architectural design.


Shop Drawings

We draw up the project drawings according to our point of view, matching the individual materials with the aesthetic effect of the chosen finishing.


Remote testing

For solid furniture and decor items, we provide links to enable remote viewing. We offer this option to allow for further verification of measurements.

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