Designer wall cladding solutions

Novel covering and surface solutions create spaces that make the people who live in them and the designer who conceived them feel good: this is the promise we make to you and your client. We are the enhancers of places where people act and interact. We can work together to create timeless architectural projects that mix tradition and innovation.

Surreal landscapes, optical effects that intrigue the viewer, immersive plays of light and shadow, solids and voids that reveal and conceal – these are just some of the effects we achieve by machining natural stone for cladding effect.

Our lighting design expertise also enables us to broaden our perspective and predict how natural and artificial light strikes the cladding itself. We can thus design walls that transcend the three-dimensional plane and break boundaries to create aesthetic appeal.

We make wall cladding solutions for every type of style:

  • Kitchen wall cladding
  • Living area wall cladding
  • Cladding for fitted walls
  • Bedroom wall cladding
  • Bathroom wall cladding
  • Outdoor wall cladding
  • Lobby wall cladding
  • Spa and wellness centre wall cladding
  • Perforated walls
  • Walls with inlays
  • Walls with mosaic
  • Ventilated facades
  • Backlit walls or wall claddings

The aesthetic function of a timeless cladding effect goes beyond the choice of material; it must be sustained by a study of veining, colours, shapes and lights. The soul of the room is evoked only in the presence of this mix of elements that together vibrate and arouse emotion.

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We work on major, integrated design projects in the hospitality, retail and residential worlds. We have an approach to work that allows us to follow from Italy every ideational and operational phase of highly complex custom marble cladding and furniture elements.

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