Installation and Assembly

Your work is in good hands: from the moment we pick up the pencil to the moment we install the furniture or lay wall cladding or flooring in the rooms and locations ordered by the client. We rely on highly specialised craftsmen who follow both the organisation of this delicate phase and the final installation and finishing that determine the project's completion.

Assembly and installation

We follow up the installation with teams of Italian professionals located all over the world. We always collaborate with the same people because they know how we work, and they know how much we care that each individual composition is assembled with precision. Thanks to long-lasting and trusted partnerships, we can delegate the installation and assembly of the work, monitoring the various stages directly from Italy.

Attention and care for detail

We take nothing for granted. We ask ourselves and imagine all the possible obstacles that can arise in this phase (space management, logistics, permits, etc.). Our goal is to ensure that the client has nothing to worry about. We are the architect's eyes and executors of the customer's wishes.

On-site support for bureaucratic procedures

New York, London, Monte Carlo or China's megacities -- all places with complex bureaucracies and difficult logistics. This is why we rely on local collaborators who help us to correctly and quickly handle all the procedures required to move in accordance with the law.

Supervisor-Project Manager on hand

This is a professional figure selected by us, who is present at the goods destination point. The representative acts as our watchdog and coordinator, remaining in close contact with us and ensuring that the assembly is carried out correctly, in accordance with the technical specifications. This presence enables us to ensure the perfect execution of each phase.

Our working method


Delivery to and installation on any floor of the building

Skyscrapers, historic buildings in chaotic city centres, locations far from urban centres are no problem for us and our fitters.


Risk assessment

Before moving vehicles, people and goods, we take into account any situation that may occur. Our goal is to avoid inconvenience.


Budget assessment

No final cost surprises due to setbacks. The initial estimate already includes all the expenses that we know will arise also in the assembly phase.

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