Customised turnkey solutions

We create customised turnkey solutions, whatever the request, thanks to a network of specialised suppliers who take care of every aspect of the supply chain in every detail: from procurement to on-site assembly. Our strength is that once the terms of sale and contractual conditions are defined, we take care of everything ourselves.

Continuous customer service

Orders entrusted to us are always of a delicate nature, as everyone is different and we do not have standard methods that work for all customers alike. However, the planning and co-ordination of each skilled resource becomes a competitive advantage that ensures we always perform at the highest level. This is why our customer service is always there to keep you informed of developments, procedures and work progress.

Customised project

We start by listening carefully to each project specification and adapt our knowledge to the customer's wishes. We transform authentic marble and stone into inimitable design specimens, unique in shape, colour, material, size and intended use. Challenge excites us. Beauty inspires us. Customer happiness drives us forward.

Bureaucracy solved by us

Customer peace of mind is our prerogative. You and your client will not have to worry about anything: we take care of preparing the necessary documentation, we know what regulations and cultural norms have to be observed in the various countries, we know how to meet delivery deadlines while dodging difficulties. We specialise in solving problems because we have already solved so many.

Delivery and assembly

In our many years of experience, we have learnt about people and how to work safely to protect ourselves and those who work with us. We act with respect for private property and confidentiality. We rely only on qualified personnel. We fully execute every aspect of the works to the satisfaction of all stakeholders who may come to know us in some way.

Our working method


Integrated project

We have the machinery to make dreams, sketched ideas or simple concepts -- they all come true. We have the experience to be able to carry out complex projects.


Coordination at every stage

We are organised to manage staff, operators and professionals who work with responsibility, passion and preparation. We make things happen.


Guarantee of good results

We only start work if we are certain that we can get the job done. We operate ethically so that we can act and live everyday with peace of mind.

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