Logistics and bureaucratic procedures

This is an essential service that we include in our offer because we do not want the customer to worry or lose time in the bureaucratic and logistics issues associated with deliveries. Thanks to our experience, we assure the customer optimised shipping costs and integrated customs handling.

International support hub

We manage the last phase of the supply chain, such as delivery management and logistics, thanks to the partnerships we have developed through years of work in cities all over the world. Even in major cities with greater control and complex logistics, we are able to coordinate the distribution and arrival of goods, pursuing high levels of efficiency.

Customs interfacing

We have excellent relations with customs to handle the necessary documents and electronic files required for exporting goods. We keep abreast of all news from the Customs Agency so that the dossiers and files we prepare are correct and do not need the intervention of third parties for resolution.

Moving in hard-to-reach areas

There are many difficult situations in which we can nevertheless ensure efficient deliveries: goods that must reach the upper floors of important buildings, oversized packages that require special handling equipment, applications for permits to pass through certain streets or temporarily occupy public land.

On-site warehouses

To cater for orders consisting of many parts with the impossibility of organising single shipments, we have established partnerships with warehouses and bonded warehouses that receive the material and keep it in safe and secure locations. This enables us to complete the work on time and deliver according to the contractual terms.

Our working method


Support in the United States

We have agreements with specialised depots in various parts of the United States to serve the needs of both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.


Warehouses in France

We manage warehouses that we share with other companies in the Veneto region to connect northern Europe.


Local installation teams

To ensure reliable service and flexibility, we work with installation experts situated in the destination areas and share them with other companies in the Veneto region.

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