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Furnishing homes with style, with custom-made design furniture that expresses the client's and designer's desires for uniqueness and exclusivity: this is the promise we make to you and your client. We are lovers of matter, we are devotees of beauty, we interpret your will and materialise it within spaces to be lived in.

With the strength of Italian ingenuity, we combine tradition and technological innovation. The machines we use are extensions of the expert hands of our craftsmen. We enrich horizontal planes or vertical surfaces (doors, crossbeams, panels, worktops, etc.) with precious elements. We give life and movement to static furniture through three-dimensional finishes that come alive thanks to light.

We transform matter, giving voice to natural stone long preserved in the bowels of the earth. We develop design solutions to satisfy personal conceptions of decor solutions, furnishings and fittings in a design continuum with the surrounding environment.

The furnishings we can make are boundless -- you are the ultimate decider:

  • Kitchen decor
  • Living area decor
  • Bedroom furnishings
  • Bathroom decor
  • Outdoor area furnishings
  • Office decor
  • Lobby decor
  • Study decor
  • Wellness centre decor
  • Reading corner furniture

What we create are veritable performing spaces to be experienced, settings that communicate, artistic spaces within the home. Our design sensibility, combined with manufacturing experience, defines the future of home furnishing.

Discover our method!

We work on major, integrated design projects in the hospitality, retail and residential worlds. We have an approach to work that allows us to follow from Italy every ideational and operational phase of highly complex custom marble cladding and furniture elements.

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