Artistic features and sculptures

Unprecedented sculptures and art installations that express the desires of the client and the emotions of the designer: this is a promise we make to you and your customer. We create true works of art to engage in the fulfilment of a dream and the creation of positive vibrations.

Craftsmanship and human ingenuity are eclectic forms of expression. There are no limits to the creation of the beautiful and the authentic. The natural material of marble is itself an artistic expression of nature: its constituent minerals, the textures that project colour on the surface, the story of an Earth that has preserved it: it is up to us to bring to light the sought-after element imprinted in the stone.

By sculpting marble, we give a soul to inanimate matter. With the creation of unique works of art, we create the culture of beauty. With these creations, we tap into a further dimension, which is that of sensations, always different, always unique according to the experience each person has.

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We work on major, integrated design projects in the hospitality, retail and residential worlds. We have an approach to work that allows us to follow from Italy every ideational and operational phase of highly complex custom marble cladding and furniture elements.

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