Memorial in Gorizia


FMG Shapes received a private commission for the creation of a bespoke marble memorial recalling the architectural elements of the Doge’s Palace in Venice. The memorial had to be made of White Istria stone, a precious stone that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to be worked with precision.

The objectives

The main objective was to create a bespoke marble memorial that recalled the architectural elements of the Doge’s Palace in Venice and that was structurally safe and durable over time.

The challenges

The memorial presented several technical challenges. First of all, White Istria stone is a material that requires special attention in the choice of blocks to have the maximum aesthetic result and requires specific experience in its processing to ensure maximum precision in dry poses as in this case. Moreover, the request to faithfully recreate the architectural elements of Palazzo Ducale required a particular attention to detail and a great technical skill as well as studies on the aesthetics of the building itself. Finally, an accurate assessment of the seismic forces was necessary to ensure the stability of the monument over time.

Work team

FMG Shapes has employed a highly specialized and multidisciplinary team of technicians, rendering engineers, seismologists and engineering studios. Each team member had a specific area of expertise and worked in synergy with others to ensure the success of the project.

Design and research

The design of the memorial has been studied in detail, using 3D modeling software to ensure a perfect integration of the architectural elements of Palazzo Ducale. The research on materials and processing techniques has allowed us to find the most suitable solutions to ensure the highest quality of work.

The solutions

To ensure the structural safety of the memorial, it was necessary to create a seismic anchoring system, which included the construction of expansion joints to ensure the stability of the monument over time. In addition, the technology of high load steel plates was used for the connection of the structural marble parts, in order to ensure maximum resistance to seismic stress. FMG Shapes has used advanced stone processing techniques of Bianco Istria, including the use of high precision CNC machines, to ensure maximum precision and quality of work.

Prevention of errors

FMG Shapes has adopted a strict quality control system to ensure maximum precision and minimize the possibility of errors. In addition, the team worked closely with engineering studios to ensure that the memorial complied with all safety regulations and construction guidelines.

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